Eating Persimmons

How Do I Eat These Persimmons?

by Mary Whitham, Bunnell Organics
These “recipes” refer to the small Saijo persimmon, which are the sweetest of the persimmons.

Put your persimmons on the counter and wait until they are red or orange, and very soft.  If you like them extra sweet, wait until they feel like little sacks full of jelly.  Once they are ripe, put them in the refrigerator.

1.      Slice off the top of the persimmon and squeeze the inside of the fruit into a bowl.   or

2.      Slice off the top of the persimmon and slurp it directly into your mouth.  This method is a little messier; there will be some dripping.  or

3.      Persimmon Smoothie.  Blend one persimmon, one banana and some apple juice.  This is an energizing way to start the day.  or

4.      Persimmon Slushy.  Slice off the top of the persimmon and squeeze the inside of the fruit into a freezer container.  Repeat until the container is full.  Place the container in the freezer.  When you have outside work to do on a hot day, leave the container of frozen persimmons on the counter for 45 minutes to an hour.  When you come back inside, part of the persimmons will be thawed into a slushy.  Eat the thawed part and put the rest back into the freezer for next time.  What a great way to cool off and get revitalized!

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Just in from one of our members another discovery on how to eat them.

5.     When ripe the insides of a persimmon has the consistency of jam so just spread it on toast in the morning

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