Health Benefits of Brown Rice


Choose Brown Rice for Health

I always viewed brown rice as the “Health Food” rice because that is what I found in the Health Stores during the late 60’s and early 70’s – Brown Rice.  But it really is better for us because:

Weight Watcher’s Dream

Brown rice is every weight watcher’s dream food. A common sense approach to obesity control is to eat foods that have low glycemic index (GI), like raw vegetables and fruits and whole grains. If you have been eating for years a low-fat, high GI carbohydrate diet based on refined flour, chances are that you have become at least partially insulin resistant.

Brown Rice vs White Rice (fortified)

In its natural state, compared to unfortified white rice, brown rice is a better source of several nutrients such as riboflavin, folate, iron and magnesium. It has three times the fiber of white rice.

Brown rice is naturally better for you compared to white rice. However, because some important nutrients are stripped during the process of manufacturing white rice, many companies choose to put back what they took out. Often they overcompensate. Therefore, when you compare a package of fortified white rice to a package of brown rice, the white looks like a better choice. However brown rice has the advantage of having more fiber, which is probably a bigger health benefit than the fortified vitamins, since our diet tends to be more deficient in fiber than in the vitamins white rice is fortified with.

Brown rice is essentially the same as white rice, in the fact that it comes from the same plant. There is no “brown rice” plant and “white rice” plant. The difference between the two colored rices is the process by which they are hulled. Whole grain rice consists of several layers. When
only the outermost hull is removed, we end up with brown rice. It is when the rice is further milled, removing the bran and germ layer, that we end up with a whiter rice. The rice is then polished, removing the aleurone layer, giving us the white rice that we most often see in stores.

Unfortunately, when all of these layers are removed, we loose almost all of the nutritional content of rice, and are left with nothing more than a refined starch. The main purpose in removing all of these hulls of the rice, to produce white rice, is that these layers consist of essential fats. When we start to process rice, the fats become susceptible to oxidation when exposed to air. This will make the rice go bad quickly. By removing these layers of essential fats, we extend the rices shelf life, making it a much more marketable product.

This convenience to the manufacturers, takes away a great deal of the benefits that we can gain from rice. The milling process to make white rice takes away 67% of Vitamin B3, 80% of Vitamin B1, 90% of Vitamin B6, and 60% of Iron. This process also removes all of the natural dietary fiber as well as the natural essential fatty acids. Fortunately, by choosing to eat brown rice, instead Brown rice is an excellent source of manganese. Manganese helps keep our bones strong and healthy, and also helps to synthesize cholesterol and fatty acids. Manganese also helps those with insulin resistance to maintain their blood sugar levels. Brown rice is also high in selenium and
magnesium. Selenium is important for protection of your bodies cells from free-radical damage and thyroid function. Magnesium is essential for proper blood circulation, and healthy bones and muscles.

Brown rice is also a great source for fiber. Fiber is an essential part of a healthy diet. A lack of fiber in your diet can cause digestive problems such as intestinal blockage and constipation. Just one cup of brown rice provides your body with 14% of the daily value recommended for fiber. Brown rice has also been shown to help lower LDL cholesterol levels. Brown rice is also an excellent food choice for those looking to loose weight, or maintain weight loss. Brown rice is very filling, and at just 216 calories per cup, is a great way to fill you up and not fill you out!

Brown rice can be prepared the same way that white rice can, and actually has a better flavor than white rice. Since it is better for you, it is definitely the more logical choice when purchasing rice for your family. Brown rice is the perfect way to provide tasty and healthy meals that your family will be sure to enjoy!of white rice, we can still ensure that we gain almost all of the nutritional value possible from the rice.

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